Bring back Flaky Puffs! or did they never exist?

Flaky Puffs, were they ever here?

History of the Flaky Puff

They existed the past? Was it your past or a past altered by a Delorean and a time traveling 80's pop icon and a crazy scientist? (See below for more explainations of the Flaky Puff mystery). Some say they remember eating one, or should we say, swear to eating one, dismissing the sheer fact that if its not on the Internet, it doesn't exist. or were a strong hallucanagenic paint that convinced you to eat walls. What could a Flaky Puff be?
  • Puff Pastry Froma Vachon
  • Rasberry and whipped cream filled .. or is it
  • Flaky
  • Puffy
  • Delusion Inducing, but highly delicious mystery food
  • A Memory

Where do you find Flaky Puffs?

You don't, they never existed in the past, and they only exist now because of this entry, the only entry that will ever exist on the Internet. This will make them exist in the present and in the future, but only in your mind.
Various Theories of The Mystery of the Flaky Puff
  • Shared memory experiement of children in the North East of the United States of America
  • 8th dimensional beings put the Flaky Puff memory into you
  • It was a donut, just a really really good donut
  • It did exist, but it doesn't because its fading slowly out of memory - aka. The "Blame Marty" Theory.
  • There used to be a Flaky puff, but one went back in time and came into contact with the past Flaky puff, thus causing both to cease to exist.
  • There are many dimensions of Flaky puffs in existence, but one Flaky puff is travelling through the dimensions, eliminating the other Flaky puffs and thus becoming "The One Flaky Puff" with all the powers of the others combined, just that your Flaky puff lost.
  • The Flaky puff is a ghost, and only you can still see it.
  • It came from a destroyed world and when the power of our sun hit the Flaky puff, it learned to fly and returned to its homeworld only to find it was not there anymore and thus came back to save the world yet again, but no one noticed, because it was only food.
  • The elusive Flaky puff is in fact the fourth Powerpuff Girl, who has a rather unfortunate case of dandruff.
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